Intranet and team work

Solutions for team work and communications with Office 365 tools


Responsive and easy-to-use intranet with SharePoint

Team work

We build team workspaces always according to your needs.

Intranet and team work

Thanks to Microsoft O365 services we have ready tools available for communication as well as for project and team work. Applying only slight modifications to them life of office workers can be made so much easier and so much more efficient.

Functional workspaces have:

  • Space and tools for discussion and social interaction
  • Informative section for news and releases, instructions and descriptions of processes in use
  • Team workspaces for collaboration
  • Storage space for common documentation and materials
  • Considered also mobile users by offering mobile workspaces

Using applications from Office 365 environment, such as SharePoint, Teams and Yammer we set up workspaces serving the whole community easy and straightforward.

What are your needs for workspaces? Get further details and contact us for our references on how to end email overflow as information is available in intranet, team work in Teams and discussions in Yammer!

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