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At our core, we are software developers in the business solutions area. At Systems Garden we expertise in digitalizing and automating business processes that have typically been done on paper. We believe that document management and workflow engines can only be a part of the solution – building business-based workflows and information systems requires understanding the process and the business goals – not just the technical aspect. After all, behind all documents and workflows lies business processes and data.
Please find our services on software development below:

New-build software design, new projects, proof-of-concept

Do you have an idea of a new digital customer service model, mobile application or work automation solution? Does your idea need technical design, proof-of-concept or prototyping? Should we test the idea on the field before committing to resource-consuming software projects. Bring your ideas to life.


Application modernization, software development

Does your solution start to see the end of its life cycle? Do you have an existing tool that requires mobile user interface? Would it be more feasible to run the applications from the cloud? We do application modernization projects also for existing systems and data storages. Our expertise is building on Microsoft platform, be it Azure cloud service, Microsoft 365 business platform or Power Platform.

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How do we operate?

Software projects from the scratch
We do software projects from the design phase to implementation and maintenance. For our own designs we can usually offer a fixed price project model and for own designs we typically use either target-pricing model or prefer either agile, sprint-based approach or time and material based consulting agreement. 

Agile software development
Our agile software projects run typically in 2-4 week sprints. The goal of the agile project is flexible, the software evolves during sprints, sprint demos and backlog prioritazion done together with the client. Agile project pricing is typically time and material-based contract with boxed sprint time frames / limits.

Consulting and resourcing
Our consultatnts typically have years of experience in different aspects of software development. We can resource your project with React developers, Microsoft backend developers (Azure, SQL, C#) or Microsoft 365 consultants.

Why Systems Garden?

Systems Garden is a business software consultant that expertises in digitalizing and mobilizing business processes through modern tecnhology. Our operation models are flexible, the center of each project is the client and the client requirements specification. Even though we also develop from scratch, a typical project includes reuseable components from previous projects, innovative solutions combined with tailored code and Microsoft ecosystem best practices (e.g. Teams communication, SharePoint document management, Power BI reporting, Azure AD authentication). We have been doing this for almost 20 years – during that the best practices have already been tested on the field.

Our customers give us feedback on our ability to translate business language to technology, thinking out-of-the-box and from our user-friendly interface design. We have a “make-it-happen” attitude towards the solutions and a burning desire to see our solutions work in real life – not only filling the requirements specification. 

As our customers say: We are just so nice, efficient and easy-going bunch to work with!

Technologies we use

Our consultants manage a vast number of technologies and we always choose the right combination based on customer requirements. Our native platform is Microsoft, be it either Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Microsoft 365 document management solution, Teams environment or Power Platform. The most important are always the customer needs and requirements – technology solutions come always based on that.

Microsoft Azure logo

Modern cloud environment either from customer capacity (IaaS) or our solution (SaaS). Azure AD authentication with current user ids.

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Microsoft 365 services form SharePoint to Teams. Integration to business solutions and managed customizations with SPFX framework or Power Platform.

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Reporting with Power BI, automating with Power Automate, Power Apps if need be. Citized developer tools can improve efficiency but should not be used in a careless manner.

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Mobile-friendly user interface with React or React Native. Modern functionality to all user interfaces. 

Software design and development

All good software bases on good design. Do you need more understanding on the digitalization project scope, work breakdown or costs? Our design concept is planned to answer the necessary questions of why, to whom and how. With our design approach you get a comprehensive implementation plan, clear set of user stories and a realistic estimation of work before commencing to the actual implementation project. The design concept is based on themed workshops that run in a controlled manner where you always know what to do and expect next. If need be, our design outcomes can be used to gather additional proposals from different solution providers or technologies. 

Määrittely ja suunnittelu

1. Business Requirements

Paint the “big picture”. Gather business needs and wants to a requirements specification. Find out the elements of success. The Business Requirements workshop answers the tough question “Why?”.

2. User Roles and Use cases

It is important to understand the end user use cases. With this workshop we gather all the end user roles and groups and list all  user requirements in a single list as understandable use cases. Our plan is centered on the user, not technology. 

3. Wireframing and UI DESIGN

As part of the design it is important to get a feel on the user interface. We always do application wireframing and prototyping before development. If need be, visual UI design can be included in the process. 

4. Technology and data models

All business solutions base on data. As part of the design we create data models, choose data storage options and research the best solution for the data management and backend solution based on the customer needs.

Application modernization

There are countless pieces of software and data in the world. It is not always feasible to start from scratch, when the life cycle of the previous system nears its end. We can design and implement software that runs on existing data or current backend systems. There is no need to redesign everything in case you only need a customer portal or a new, mobile-friendly user interface. It your applications need modernization, we can help. 

1. Business Requirements

Current software and data model mapping. Goals and high level requirements. Return on investment -analysis.

2. System Analysis

A more thorough data walkthrough. Existing system functionality and use cases. Integration and data plan. 

3. Development project

 Implementation as a controlled software project. Fixed target or agile development. 

4. Maintenance and support

If need be, we can offer software maintenance and support also for custom solutions. 

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