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Industrial digitalization

Digitalization and modernization of industrial processes

Industrial manufacturing environments with workers on-site from sub-contractors involves need for control, risk management and regular processes in order to ensure a functional and safe work environment. Safe operational environment is however not achieved by adding paper work. In worst cases well meaning practices can turn into necessary evil or into bureaucracy slowing down the operations needlessly.

Our digital solutions make everyday operations easier in risk management, work permit processes and in turning safety documentation accessible on field level. Simultaneously we take care of you having the real-time information on what’s happening on your site.

Digital work permit solutionMobile documentation

Information management

Office 365 solutions, intranet and document management

We have a long history of Microsoft platforms from over 15 years. Nowadays we build information management solutions using mainly tools provided by O365. Office 365 and SharePoint environments are very familiar to us: We believe that instead of just finding the right tools it is also important to go through the actual use cases and find out the real needs. Document management is also an important part when discussing intranets.

Intranet and collaborationDocument management

Digitalization and application development

Practical business solutions with customer perspective

We base everything we do on our customer’s processes, information systems and background processes in use. Technical details come as second. We assist you in making your processes work and data transferred into the back-end systems. We offer you our expertise accumulated through several years on application development, information systems, integrations and data base application. We help you build competitive edge through efficient operations with supporting applications.

Our solutions are modular i.e. we take advantage on different back-end systems, configure work flow conversions and configure apps to most amazing devices. We believe in quick practical testing, prototypes and small scale pilots to start with.

Customized business solutions