Digital hot work permit

Increases safety and saves resources

Digital hot work permit increases safety and saves resources

By digitalizing hot work permit process you both increase occupational safety, streamline processes and save valuable work hours. Digital hot work permit offers a modern tool to make the permit process quicker and provides real-time followup.

Traditionally hot work permits have been granted as paper forms. Mobile app makes distribution of hot work permits easier as number of supervisors can be greater and everything needed is accessible by smartphone.

Mobile and easy

In design we have focused on clarity and speed. Application records earlier permits and can offer suggestions based on them. No papers to move around saves money and track record is anyway stored in a central database.

As the permit process gets quicker, there is more time for inspections on site. Real-time situation is available on any device.

Digital hot work permit provides a number of benefits

Digital hot work permit solution

  • Increases safety in areas where hot work is performed
  • Saves time and money
  • Speeds up the permit process and makes work process fluent
  • Offers improved follow-up of hot works
  • Automates control and archival of permits

Digital hot work permit adapts to organizational needs

Hot work permit solution is available in different combinations. It can consist of just hot work permits in digital form and workflows for approval, or integrations to other systems e.g. document management or competence register, and in most cases situational real-time overview. The best combination depends on your needs.

  • Memorizes location, targets and sites
  • Hot work permits on a map
  • Risk assessments as needed included
  • Customizations and integrations

Meyer Turku

A mobile application saving both time and money and most importantly increasing safety was developed together with Meyer Turku

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