Document management

Office 365 and SharePoint in document management
Document management doesn’t have to be a burden anymore! A document management solution that is well planned and adequately scaled serves long and keeps users satisfied.
This can well be created with common Office 365 tools – provided they are used in a right way.

Office 365 and SharePoint for document management

Needs for document management arise in connection with intranet, workspace and extranet projects. Document management of more permanent nature is always created according to specific customer needs. The overall size and costs of the project depend on requirements for archiving, scope of the metadata model and the need for automation. We have provided our customers both large document management systems with hundreds of thousands of documents as well as short and long term archiving solutions and naturally individual agreement libraries for more modest needs.

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SharePoint and SharePoint Online are developed foremost for saving and distributing documents and it is an excellent platform to build on. Document management in SharePoint is based on descriptors – metadata – that can be automated to make adding and managing documents simple and easy. Intelligent word search provides a daily tool for quick access of documents. Relevant user right levels and version management make document management efficient.

Agreement management with Office 365 services

One of the most common document management related questions regards agreement management. Agreements may be scattered all over in folders, hard discs, emails and users’ own folders – either scanned or as versions under work. Just moving plain files to SharePoint library is simple; essential thing though is to identify different use cases e.g. rules for saving, user rights, approval practices and archiving. Document management is often closely tied with e.g. following fields:

  • Sales agreement management: Sales agreements, service agreements and product agreements
  • Procurement agreement management: Procurement agreements, purchases and investments
  • Agreements for administration: Agreements regarding financial administration, HR services, property management and IT service providers

We have created a wide variety of different document management solution as part of intranet or document management projects. Please ask for demonstration and let us discuss how we could help you.

Document management in the field

Team work in office premises has already taken shift onto Teams platform. Long email chains have shifted to chats in teams, document editing and management to Files tab or to SharePoint Materials folder. Team work has become easy, quick and simple in specialist organizations as real-time information and documents are just few clicks away.

But what if the work performed in teams involves noice from nailer, pick dressing or welding machine instead of keyboard clicks? And members of the team not distant office workers but on-site at warehouse, on their way between sites, visiting customers or on top of the crane. Plans and agreements are located in traditional folders and real-time information flow takes place using image messages in WhatsApp teams.

There is a solution for even this. Work sites, agreements and real-time data can be made accessible for everybody. Discussions can easily be carried out with agreements and planning documents being present. What was the agreed delivery date, how many shipments of the goods are still to arrive and where was the updated technical plan?

Document distribution in the field can be taken care more efficiently with Teams. Also in mobile. Even with nailer in one hand. Contact us, we’ll tell you how.


  • O365 team based document management
  • Centralized metadata management
  • Management of document templates
  • Information management plan and assisted saving
  • Version management
  • Archival and requirements for data retention

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