Customized business solutions

What goes wrong in general?

A typical way to approach the need for business application is to acquire firmware and modify it to meet the specific business requirements. It is not seldom a company uses a million in the software itself and further hundreds of thousands in its customization. Along with the massive project company loses income as people are trying to adapt their current processes with the new software. By that the biggest investments have already been made and there is no alternative to going further on the chosen path. Both schedule and budget are soon exceeded as the software is being forced to meet the requirements that nobody was aware in the planning phase of the project.

New way to create customized business solutions

We have a different approach for creating systems supporting business operations. Instead of ready-made software we start from customer’s business operations and the needs it presents for information systems.

We have developed a production model that enables us to deliver quick prototypes ready for use launched into production with just few development iterations. People in business operations themselves specify their needs and users work together with software designers in order to find the most cost-effective way to meet the needs. Double work is minimized and end-user approach is there to start with. The solutions can be used not only with PC but also with mobile devices making both input and use of data more flexible.

Besides existing cloud solutions we can offer application data stored behind customer’s own firewall with no complex VPN-connections to be used in mobile devices. The application can be hosted during testing and implementation phase in cloud and be transferred behind the firewall when contents get business critical.

Sprint model

  • Customized, secure mobile business solution without VPN
  • Applications modular and scalable according to needs
  • Integrations to financial systems
  • Existing functioning tools and processes saved where possible – we add the missing parts between them
  • Projects proceed in sprints through prototypes
  • Standard SQL Server database used enabling easy reporting choices
  • After the project our customer service is there to support you

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Borenius - Improved risk assessment

Borenius Law Ltd enhanced their process of knowing their customers and risk assessment with digital Know Your Client Tool provided by Systems Garden.

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