Mobile documentation

Data and reports from field through mobile documentation
Systems Garden’s mobile documentation is more than just a digital report. It is a set of tools for easily and reliably managing the complete documentation process – report creation, distribution, follow-up and data management.
How often have you heard anybody emphasize reporting being the best part of their work?

Pretty seldom. Naturally we have also those who love their Excel. Most of us anyhow get exhausted with data collection into long report templates and tend to postpone reporting tasks until the last possible moment.

Reporting tasks for the mobile users is even more challenging. Data from field is collected mostly using traditional means and further reported when there is a suitable time and place for that. By that the data may already be outdated.

Reports are generally forwarded as emails. The data gets compiled into one larger report which again is delivered further through email.

Reporting takes time, the data may already be outdated and even distorted by the time it reaches the corner room. And nobody enjoys what they are doing.

Process can however be streamlined with real-time reporting offering employees a chance to use their time for tasks with more added value.

The mobile application follows workers to their place of work – sites, demo points, inspection sites, reception of items, stores and sales meetings. Field workers use their mobile phones for saving target information, images, observations, feedback and inspection data directly into one real-time central database.

Communication gets faster and more efficient as different parties have a chance to view and work with nearly real-time reports with no intermediates.

Real-time mobile reporting is applicable to:


Inspection reports

Technical inspection reports take time and they are often created after the actual inspection that may lead to part of relevant information being neglected. Using mobile documentation the report is created at site simultaneously with the inspection and all relevant information including images will be gathered.

Transport inspections

When delivery of materials gets to its end-point, no traditional report tells much about the quality and conditions of the delivery. Through mobile documentation data consisting of pictures taken at the end-point of the exact condition and actual physical location of the delivery will be attached to the report.


Reliable self-inspection i.e. internal inspection report is one of the corner stones for successful projects in construction industry. It is vital when turning over the possession of the target assignment and in quality assurance in all contract agreements. By self-inspection you ensure that the task is accomplished and all needed information transferred further. When performed digitally self-inspection may include also pictures of the site and immediate data transfer that both saves time and eliminates misunderstandings

Safety observations

Be it office or field work environment, it is easy to find improvement ideas enhancing safety and there are many people making those observations while working. There may be a handrail missing somewhere, flammable material left unguarded, emergency exit may be blocked by packaging material. Digital system enhances the process by making the observations real-time and visible. Safety walks can be included in the application thus serving also in periodic measurement follow-up and related reporting.
Why mobile documentation is a better solution?

  • Significantly saves time as no notes on paper needed
  • Report can be created on site directly with mobile device
  • Images and information on work target directly into document
  • Required reports delivered immediately
  • Report owner can follow-up the process
  • Digital document is a valid proof of work accomplished
  • The general view on work, inspections and deliveries

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